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Venice Model Photoshoot

It’s hard to believe now that my first experience in Italy was five years ago, a Mediterranean adventure that started in Venice. I remember arriving into Venice Marco Polo Airport unsure of what to expect of the city and how my shabby Italian skills would hold up. Spoiler alert: I fell in love with Venice and they did not hold up well.

Five years later, I would return to the city that had initiated me to Italy. In the time between, I had seen much of the country during my stay in Rome, Emilia-Romagna and last year’s journey through Europe. My language skills have markedly improved, though I still struggle at times. So I wondered yet again how Venice would appear to me, now knowing so much more than I did then… now that I was no longer a “tourist” to the country… read more »

Ponte Vecchio at Sunset

I recently found myself back in Florence, perhaps my favorite city in Italy, one year after my previous visit. This time I stayed close to Firenze Santa Maria Novella, the city’s main train station, in a bustling neighborhood of hotels and eateries. While I did more running around a year prior (check out my previous article on the city for more in-depth coverage of Florence’s top attractions and on visiting popular Tuscan towns), I was able to catch many things I had missed, namely several churches and David, while revisiting my favorite locales in the city. read more »

Turin in the Rain

“Torino. Do you like Torino?” A line from one of my favorite films, La Meglio Gioventù in which Luigi Lo Cascio’s character suggests to his friends to move to Turin so that he can be close to a girl he just met. I don’t know. Do I?

Located in the northwestern section of Italy, Turin is, like Milan, more European than the traditional idea of the country. Unlike Milan, it’s smaller and arguably more charming. Turin features many of the aspects that make other Italian cities lovely, like a beautiful river, energy-filled piazze, world-class museums and the ever-revered aperitivo. read more »

Oahu - Surfing GoPro Pic with Diamond Head in Waikiki

Having a rough day at work? Winter blues got you down? Maybe this will help warm your spirits. Take a break from your routine with this compilation of photos I took during my time back home in Hawaii (specifically on Oahu, where I grew up, and Kauai). Photos were taken with my iPhone, as I left my DSLR in San Francisco, and originally posted online (hey, follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!).

I’ve also included a compilation of vintage Hawaiian music from YouTube below which you can play to add to the escape. If you’re on a desktop, hover your cursor over each photo for more details. read more »

Colonial Williamsburg - Emily James as Edith Cumbo Inside R. Charlton Coffeehouse

Colonial Williamsburg is heaven for anyone even remotely interested in America’s past. The living-history museum covers 301 acres of land in Williamsburg, Virginia, not far from Jamestown and Yorktown, two other notable sites. Built with no small amount of funds and effort from the philanthropist John D. Rockefeller, Jr., along with a number of community organizations, the town meticulously preserves the sights and sounds of Williamsburg right before the American War of Independence.

Is it worth visiting? Definitely. If you’ve any love for history, Colonial Williamsburg is an immersive and fun experience. The passion exhibited by the knowledgeable actors/scholars/workers here is incredible and infectious. It’s also an ideal attraction for family travel, as it gets the kids out of the textbook to see history tangible and alive. read more »