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Panorama of Ennetbürgen


Here are the panoramic photos I took during my recent 2015 Europe trip to England, Italy, Switzerland and Germany, thus far unposted. To learn more about the places below, as well as the other cities I visited during this trip, check out the following recap:

4/15-4/20: London
4/20-4/26: Palermo
4/26-5/1: Catania
[5/1: Crossing the Strait of Messina on a train in a boat]
5/1-5/7: Salerno, Vietri sul Mare, Cava de’ Terreni, Paestum, Monteforte Cilento, Acciaroli
5/7-5/10: Naples
5/10-5/16: Rome
5/16-5/20: Florence, Siena, San Gimignano
5/20-5/24: Pisa
5/24-5/28: Camaiore, Cinque Terre, Lucca, Viareggio, Pietrasanta
5/28-6/3: Bologna, Reggio-Emilia
6/3-6/10: Milan, Expo 2015, Arenzano
6/10-6/15: Lucerne, Interlaken, Mürren, Bern, Basel, Ennetbürgen
6/15-6/22: Zürich
6/22-6/26: Alsfeld, Frankfurt, Rasdorf, Breitenbach am Herzberg

Place your mouse cursor over the photos and move left and right to reposition them (unfortunately it doesn’t work on mobile devices). Enjoy! read more »

Alsfeld, Germany - Historic Center

As I entered Germany by train, it seemed like a year ago that I began this Europe trip in London when really it had only been two-and-a-half months. The constant moving and reshuffling of living quarters (not to mention flatmates) made it seem more like a series of many trips interconnected rather than a single journey. Each stop was a fresh start with a new city and a different way of life. My transition from my time in Switzerland to that of Alsfeld would be my last, save for the subsequent long voyage home. read more »

Town of Mürren

It was burning hot in Milan when I left, and by then I was longing for the Swiss chill, the idea of being in the mountains sans burning skin and free from the hell spawn that is the mosquito.

The train from Milano Centrale into Switzerland was by far the most breathtaking voyage by rail I have ever embarked on. Lakes. Waterfalls. Roads elevated to the heights of grandiose mountains. Gasps of wonder were not uncommon from our train carriage. read more »

View of Milan from the Terrazze del Duomo

Seven years ago in a lifetime far away, before I had ever been to Europe, when I still thought bruschetta was pronounced with a sh, the first native Italian came into my life. I decided to pick up the language, now having someone to practice with; I ditched French and embarked on a voyage into la bella lingua. She was from a small town near Milan, and, since then, I held a fascination for the bustling Italian metropolis. Seven years later, I finally saw the city for myself. read more »

Street Art in Bologna

Bologna is a vibrant town, powered by a population of university students. Self-expression is everywhere, from the abundance of street art to the hairstyles I haven’t seen since the late 80s. Portici and graffiti, late nights spent on piazza pavements, the sound of music that never dies; within my first night in Bologna, I knew straightaway it would be unlike my quiet (yet profound) experience in Camaiore, Lucca and Cinque Terre. read more »