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View of Florence and the Duomo from the Torre of Palazzo Vecchio

Traveling from Rome to Florence isn’t just a commute; it’s a leap through time. While a visit to Rome is an adventure to the zenith of Antiquity — imposing structures and ruins that leave much to the imagination, pillars and slabs and arches of an immortal nature — visiting Florence offers a more modern, more dynamic experience. read more »

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Love Locks on Ponte Milvio

The shade is halfway down to block the sun, but it’s already burning inside the train. A group of teenage scouts in uniform of some troop brigade chats loudly nearby, in front of me is a young law student, and, to my right, two ragazzi speak in thick dialect. I can barely understand them when they ask if I can close the shade completely. The regionale train takes nearly three hours to reach Rome from Naples, where I had just visited, and I am without water, slowly sweating out what little precious liquid remains in my body. But, hey, at least I don’t have to pee. read more »

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View of Naples from Castel Sant'Elmo

The previous time I visited Naples, I was given the mission of reviewing 30 hotels across town in just a few days. And while I got to know the place pretty well after, it made the intense city all the more hectic. Immediately after stepping out of Napoli Stazione Centrale this time, however, the apprehension I felt the first time was replaced with excitement. First of all, I knew my way around the city (more or less) and, after experiencing Palermo, I was more than ready to handle all of Naples’ eccentricities. read more »

Salerno Waterfront and Fisherman

When the traffic dies there remains the light scent of jasmine in the air. It’s the weekend and the youth emerge, filling the streets of the Centro Storico, frequenting the city’s hip beer bars, paninerie, enoteche and, of course, pizzerie. The heat of the day is swept away by a fresh chill that crawls through the seaside town. Along the coast, couples and families casually stroll along the lantern-lit path, gelato or granita in hand and, tonight for some reason, the sound of a distant singer recanting something by John Legend or some other American pop artist. read more »

Train Boarding Ferry to Cross the Strait of Messina from Sicily to Mainland Italy

Yes, you read that right.

Taking the Italian rail across the Strait of Messina from Sicily to mainland Italy requires what could be one of the coolest experiences in transportation: riding a train that boards a ferry. read more »