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Copenhagen Central Train Station

The line for train tickets at Copenhagen’s Kastrup Airport is long and I longingly eye the self-help ticketing machines, cursing the fact that American credit cards are so slow in adopting chip-and-PIN tech. My backpack pulls heavily upon my shoulders until I relinquish it to the ground, doing that awkward shifty walk people do in airport security lines.

The train is still the best way to get into downtown Copenhagen, save for being picked up by a Danish supermodel. The three-zone ticket required to reach the city center from Kastrup costs 36 DKK (about $5.50). The trip can be made in under 15 minutes and trains leave every 10.

The sun is shining and the crisp weather acts in place of much-needed caffeine after the long journey from San Francisco. I don’t even know what day it is. read more »

Mosaics in Berlin's Pergamon Museum

When it comes to time travel, they say everybody kills Hitler on their first trip. And why shouldn’t we? That guy ruined a lot of things, to put it simply. But time is a river, and a river always corrects its course. Going back in time to unmake a great wrong only opens up the great paradox of how one could unmake said wrong if said wrong no longer occurred. Events are unchangeable, I once heard in a movie, destined to unfold the way it will no matter how often you feed your DeLorean glowing popsicles. And let’s not create any new dimensional realities; those are messy.

But I digress.

So now you’re floating violently through time, sans your primary directive and not feeling up for the gravitas of meeting Jesus just yet. You might as well stay in Berlin and do some sightseeing. From the Cold War to the permanent collections in the National Museums in Berlin, the capital city of Germany (besides being crazy historic itself) houses a wealth of artifacts stretching well back in time. read more »

Christmas in Hawaii - Honolulu City Lights 2014

It’s that time of the year again! The Honolulu City Lights at Honolulu Hale (Honolulu’s city hall) are up for the 2014 Christmas season with the traditional Hawaiian holiday displays, the Christmas tree and wreath competition, and Santa Claus for all the little kiddies. Rides and food vendors line South King Street outside. There was even a new display this year, a whole family of carolers complete with a dog and a guy fishing. Check out the photos while listening to Keola and Kapono Beamer’s classic Hawaiian hit, “Honolulu City Lights,” a song about the city lights applicable any time of the year. read more »

SF Giants World Series 2014 Parade - SFPD

Orange October comes to a glorious end for our beloved SF Giants with a classic confetti-filled parade. Led by mascot Lou Seal, the 2014 World Series champs slowly (slowly) made their way down Market Street amidst a sea of adoring baseball fans. With three World Series wins in the past five years, San Francisco was more than prepared to host a proper homecoming celebration. The parade ended at Civic Center with a televised ceremony.

Need proof that San Francisco is the best city ever? Check out the last pic. read more »

Reykjavík, Iceland - Sólfar, the Sun Voyager

A light mist floats through the air, beads of condensation on the window in the morning. Outside, a rectangular red truck passes slowly down Laugavegur, cleansing Reykjavík’s main street. It looks like a toy and I realize that everything in Iceland, from the accents of the locals to the crazy animals, is adorable. In the distance, Hallgrímskirkja rises above the houses of Iceland’s capital city and I can’t believe I can see it from my apartment. I can’t believe I woke up this early. read more »