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Rome - Piazza Venezia and Il Vittoriano during the rain

I’m slowly trudging through the 36GB of photos taken during my Italy trip last May. If you’re interested in seeing some unique perspectives on Rome, Naples and towns within Emilia-Romagna, check out my Flickr page (I’ll go back and add descriptions and tags after I’m done uploading everything).

Here are a few shots from Rome that I like in particular… read more »

Gelato from Gelateria Corona in Rome

Everyone has their favorite gelaterie in Rome; these are mine. All of them sit within the center of Rome, where I did most of my wandering during my month there. This list is current as of July 2012, meaning I haven’t been to anywhere that opened since. If your favorite gelateria isn’t mentioned, please let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to try it during my next visit to Rome! read more »

Summer Nights in Rome - Waitress watches performer

After wandering Rome non-stop for a month, I thought I had seen all the romance the city had to offer. I’d seen the Centro Storico under a nearly supermoon, walked through the Spanish Steps in the rain, caught the sunset from Campidoglio and spent long nights in Trastevere.

But all this paled in comparison. read more »

A few days ago, some new friends and I ventured out to EUR (Esposizione Universale Roma), a neighborhood outside of central Rome built by Mussolini for what would’ve been the site for the World’s Fair of 1942 if he hadn’t gone all cray-cray into World War II. We were there for the Italia Beer Festival, a celebration of craft brewers in Italy.

Italian Beer Festival - Official Bib and Tasting Glass read more »

As always, my goal is delivering the experience of being at a place through writing, photos and/or video. Below are three panoramic views of the interior of the Pantheon, an impressive structure built by the ancient Romans just under 100 years after the time of Jesus, and Piazza Navona, the grandest square in Centro Storico. Highlights of the former include the oculus, an “eye” at the top of the dome that lets in both sunlight and rain. The latter features Bernini’s legendary Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, an impressive fountain sitting near the steps of Sant’Agnese in Agone.

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