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Venice Model Photoshoot

It’s hard to believe now that my first experience in Italy was five years ago, a Mediterranean adventure that started in Venice. I remember arriving into Venice Marco Polo Airport unsure of what to expect of the city and how my shabby Italian skills would hold up. Spoiler alert: I fell in love with Venice and they did not hold up well.

Five years later, I would return to the city that had initiated me to Italy. In the time between, I had seen much of the country during my stay in Rome, Emilia-Romagna and last year’s journey through Europe. My language skills have markedly improved, though I still struggle at times. So I wondered yet again how Venice would appear to me, now knowing so much more than I did then… now that I was no longer a “tourist” to the country… read more »

There’s only so much of a place you can get from a postcard. Those little glossy tidbits usually display Photoshopped representations of the “best” of a city. Rarely will you get the daily life or quiet alleys that really exude the soul of a locale.

When I traveled through the Mediterranean, I kept my eye out for street art in each city. What I got was a flavor of the local community, spoken via graffiti and street signs: politics, subversion, apartments for rent and just general mischief. I’ve included, below, my collection of street art photos from Venice. I’ll post shots from other cities—including Athens, Monte Carlo, Florence, Rome and more—as time goes on.

Photo - Street Art in Venice read more »