Chris Cornell @ The Warfield Theatre (07.10.07)

“Who fucking cares about the All-Star game?!”

And so began Chris Cornell’s glorious set of songs spanning from Sub Pop Soundgarden, through Audioslave, and finally to his solo career. You can’t really imagine how much his music has changed until you hear “Jesus Christ Pose” juxtaposed before “Sunshower.” He missed a few cues… or maybe it just seemed like he did. You can never tell with these rock types. It’s called “artistic license” (aka “getting high before the show”). He was literally “Like a Stone”: a little clunky on stage, but ultimately solid throughout.

That said, this man is my musical hero and he taught me how to sing. “When I’m Down” is still my favorite song of all time.

Warfield is a decent enough venue. The floor isn’t sloped and there always seem to be tall, balding men hoarding the front rows, so you’re guaranteed the urge of wanting to get a little Sleepy Hollow on a few Ichabod Cranes.

But one thing I cannot forgive…

“This is a song about a man.”

It was Spoonman.

I didn’t see a single fucking spoon.

What the hell…