Vetiver – To Find Me Gone

I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of folk rock. The songwriting is often too wordy, and there’s usually more strumming than I care to hear. That said, I have nothing but absolute, unfathomable love for Vetiver.

Like the illegitimate lovechild of The Decemberists’, The Crane Wife and Radiohead’s, Kid A, Vetiver’s, To Find Me Gone, is as much a triumph of great songwriting and lush instrumentals as it is an ambient pleasure. There are repetitions and drones, but it’s never repetitive or boring. At the most opportune moment, the dynamics abruptly change, and a song takes new direction (hear the hauntingly beautiful, “Red Lantern Girls.”).

Vetiver is based in San Francisco. Thanks for giving us another reason to brag.

They’re not the only ones writing about venerable Mission bar, El Rio. Read what I wrote! :-D