Festizio @ Broadway Studios (11.02.07)

We didn’t design that flier… nor do we endorse “lazers” of any kind…


(Today is the first day of the rest of my life.)

Several months ago, I made the hard decision of leaving my stable, well-paying finance job for the opportunity of developing something better. I traveled and dabbled in saving, but, more importantly, I grew as a person. As months progressed, my bank account dwindled, and I felt surprisingly naked uninsured. (An unaccountable shade proves somewhat unnerving.)

A few moments before we left for load-in at Broadway Studios, I received a call from an exceptional company and was offered a dream position. The fear of stagnated funds dissipated, and life suddenly shined brilliant bright light upon the evening (read: I left my card open at the bar for the first time in three months).

And so it was of no consequence that last night’s events pushed well into the AMs of today, as a new day was appropriate for my circumstance. Broadway Studios served as venue for a sort of rebirth in my life. We played a strong, solid show (indication of how much we had grown in the past year), and left feeling infinitely empowered.

The spacious interior has a sort of positive energy that other venues lack. It’s warm and inviting, yet still mysteriously subtle without being sinister, even whilst draped in intricate displays of Halloween decor. Aside from standard tables and chairs, the main floor offers several cozy, stage-front booths. Drink prices are typical for North Beach (they also offer a food menu). Two stairways lead upstairs, where one finds additional seating and the band dressing room (complete with refrigeration and shower). Best of all, there is secured parking right next to the place.

But most impressively, Broadway boasts a professional team of players. Patrick, the director, was absolutely friendly from the very first moment we met until well past closing. Tim, the sound technician, took our requests with great consideration, and performed remarkably well given a faulty house sub. I told Ben, the emcee (I don’t know why they have an emcee, though he’s a cool dude), to completely fabricate our story for the introduction, rather than give boring, true-to-life descriptors – apparently, we now have a Disney Channel special pending… But let us not forget what perfects a great club: hot waitresses (and that merit goes to Ashley and Jess – ps, call me).

And so everything turns full circle, and the great hope I embraced for so long proved worthy of correctness. I felt it on stage as I feel it in life: a sense of confidence, maturity and balance.

Today may very well be the best day of my life. Finally, I feel like a rock star, and it has nothing to do with a band…