The May Fire – La Victoria

I’m still unsure whether Rock Whores Recordings is an actual studio or the drummer’s basement. Either way, La Victoria is an impressive feat. The six-song EP opens with “You Make It Right,” a catchy track reminiscent of the Ramones with a hint of Hole and some J-Pop ear candy. The rest of the EP follows in a similar vein with bouncy, melodic vocals and upbeat, almost campy, backup. “Marcha,” a song sung entirely in Spanish, features a chorus that explodes with, what is best described as, an audio depiction of a slow motion daffodil field frolic. The final track, “Dirty Bridge,” pops with dance-punk fervor, a catchy conclusion that urges one to get up and dance horribly (I’m a horrible dancer).

La Victoria isn’t lyrically complex, but I suppose it’s apropos given The May Fire’s stripped-down sound. Ultimately, the major shortcoming of La Victoria is in its strong marketability as an EP: It leaves you wanting more.