The Lovemakers – Misery Loves Company

A few months ago, I interviewed for a position at Fuzz, the label releasing The Lovemaker’s latest EP, Misery Loves Company. The interviewer asked if I heard of the electro-pop band. I mentioned I sampled the EP at a Virgin Megastore a few days prior. He quickly asked if I bought it (doesn’t he know no one actually buys things from Virgin?!), and I carefully admitted I made no plans on purchasing CDs that day, but, if I had, I most certainly would have.

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t much care for the EP back then.

I’m not sure as to the reason behind my indifference (I suspect a case of billowing bladder – open your damn bathroom, Virgin!) or what changed since, but I now find Misery Loves Company an incredibly inspired work of sonic art. The EP begins with the title track, pop proliferated with playfully bouncy digital debris. Strong beats and catchy choruses make it prime for unabashed dancing.
The following tracks flow equally strong with satisfying whimsical appeal, finally peaking at the soulfully lush, “Naturally Lonely,” one of the most beautiful ballads ever enjoyed by my ears. It’s epic and flowing, the purest type of bliss. It’s true love in audio form, hiking the heart and welling the eyes.

It’s Christmas.

Fucking Christmas.

And now I know why the pair calls themselves such, for I feel real love made within.

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