Festizio @ Beale Street Bar & Grill (12.01.07)


Review from Anthony Von Eckstein, Booker, Beale Street Bar & Grill

“As a music club manager and musician in the San Francisco area, I have been involved with 1000s of musicians and bands for over 20 years. The first time that tears ever came to my eyes at the end of anyone’s gig was last Saturday night when Festizio came out to play here at our downtown SF venue! The sound of music that emanates from this cerebral rock band is a great mix of melodic and edgy rock riffs, clear and excellently delivered vocals, and a rhythmical energy that cascades into a waterfall of creative overtones. Awesome attitudes, showmanship, and stage presence are also in abundance with Festizio, an emerging force in the universal pages of rock music.”

Gosh, thanks! :)