PERFORMER PRESENTS – Birds and Batteries / The Rooftop Vigil (formerly Parasol) / The Special Goodbye @ Hemlock Tavern (11.29.07)

Sometimes I lose my words… Sometimes I just don’t feel like saying anything at all, as if a particular second had passed and I’d like nothing more than strive for the preservation of it – a simple moment fluttering as it is… pleasant.

I arrived just in time for the headliner of November’s Performer Presents show at Hemlock Tavern. Birds and Batteries sound exactly like the imagery their name summons. A hint of alt-rock mixed with electro-synth, they manage in finding a comfortable middle-ground between natural purity and chaos machine. Their instrumentation shines with lushness, pop and soothing serenade, notably on brilliant tracks like, “Ocarina,” “Jungles (Oceans),” and the clear favorite, “Star Clusters.” But that’s about all I can say, and the only thing left I remember is the frontman’s flannel shirt and beard. (Is he a lumberjack?) They’re in no way my favorite band, but it was a nice experience, like catching stars from a mountaintop.

I’ve easily concluded that Hemlock wins as my favorite bar in the city. The attentive and friendly staff only enhances the already casual ambiance, made better by reasonably-priced drinks. Lastly, but never least, Hemlock lures hot hipsters of a variety that seem slightly less diseased. The process of hitting on a girl flows more naturally when you’re pretty sure she won’t give you crabs…

Yes, I arrived late even though I only live a few blocks away… I’m sure the first two bands rocked.

[UPDATE 2008: The Rooftop Vigil has changed their name, once again, to Geographer. That is all. Carry on…]