WC PERFORMER – Parker Street Cinema – Music, In the Blood


Parker Street Cinema – Music, in the Blood
Recorded by Brad McGowan and Ken Mahru
Produced by Bravo Bros.
Mixed by Brad McGowan at Little Red Wagon Studios
Mastered by Chad Clark at Silver Sonya

Much of Parker Street Cinema’s instrumental sound rests upon Brian Glover’s diverse piano arrangements, garnering impressions of rock, jazz and even operatic flavors. Glover contrasts his vocal-like melodies with pounding rhythms (the piano is after all a form of percussion). A technically complex weave of Ken Mahru’s drum riffs adds to the tapestry, finalized by the fullness of Kevin Dick’s remarkable bass tone. PSC’s latest effort, Music, in the Blood, features an orchestra of sounds as the San Francisco-based trio and set of contributing musicians engage with a slew of other instruments from synth and samples to various horns.

The album opens with the epic, warlike “Animat” and leads quickly into the driving rock anthem “Blood Music,” an appropriate follow-up. PSC’s creative vision errs on the odd with “Something About the Audience,” where a good portion of the track revolves around a narrative. “The Hymn of El Cerrito” sings like a breezy stroll through the mentioned city, spaciously unbound by the overcast commonly plaguing the rest of the Bay, and also effectively features spoken dialogue during its introspective breakdown.

At the album’s midpoint lies one of PSC’s strongest tracks, “Separation.” A haunting melody syncopates over an arpeggiated bass line, creating the illusion of two dancing voices climbing a crescendo into harmonic bliss. “Separation” excels with dynamic fluctuation, allowing a complete retention of freshness where other tracks could start to get stale from repetition.

Of all the aptly named bands, Parker Street Cinema falls to the forefront. Lush instrumentals and a capacity for crafting elaborate visuals set this threesome apart from other artists in the instrumental genre. (Abandoned Love Records)


-Keane Li (more…)