WC PERFORMER – Russ Pettit – The Endless Journey


Russ Pettit – The Endless Journey
Recorded, mixed and produced by Russ Pettit and Haroun Serang
Mastered by Haroun Serang

After years of teaching and claiming critical reviews, Bay Area guitarist Russ Pettit finally shares his experiences on his debut album, The Endless Journey. Many listeners will find familiarity in the album’s overall sound, as it fits nicely in the guitar instrumental genre, and especially since Pettit once studied under the legendary Satriani. However, what Pettit adds to the scene is his unique vision of things — a wisdom clearly evident in his work.

Pettit quickly bounds over that which plagues guitar instrumentals most: repetition. Each of his tracks varies not only in emotive qualities, but also in genre. After opening with the multi-textured “Wayward Bound,” he quickly leads into an instrumental rendition of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir.” Pettit adds his own frenetic flair atop Page’s signature riff with extraordinary fluency. He then quickly flips things around on the following track, “Aidan,” where he swaps his electric for a genteel acoustic. His use of arpeggios gives the piece a classical feel that’s a hypnotic blend of light and dark sounds. The track works well without supporting instruments as Pettit actively engages the listener with a moving bass line. On “Family,” he opens with a warm blues introduction before leading into a series of sweeps, rakes and pinch harmonics over an epic selection of chord changes. Much like an actual family, the piece runs the gamut of human emotion from lowly quiet moments to exhilarating highs, and exhibits Pettit’s remarkable capabilities as a musician.

Russ Pettit will no doubt grow as a recurring name in the guitar instrumental universe; endorsed by Hamer Guitars and Freda Cabs, his credibility is already set. But unlike many guitarists, Pettit brings a certain maturity with this release, a grand perspective that only his endless journey can offer. (Self-released)


-Keane Li (more…)