Treasure Island Music Festival 2008 – Day 1 (In Pictures)

Like most things handed down to me from my ex, the only digital camera I owned quickly crapped itself into a fan. Still, I succeeded in capturing a few images with my mobile phone. Hopefully, they convey the energy evident at the TIMF.

I’m also too lazy to write about things multiple times, so you’ll just have to read my TIMF review once it’s published in Performer Magazine… (And check out Day 2!)

Early shuttle to the Island.

The Bridge Stage before the prepubescent hipsters showed up.

Everyone prefers my glittery green “Press” band to the prismatic “Vendor” band. I’m so pretty…

The Frail puts on a fantastic opening set. They were supposed to gig with us at Minna in Feb, but cut out for a very understandable reason.


Aesop Rock brings the best from the East to the West.

One of many flamboyantly dressed attendees.

Pirates on stilts!

Colorific crowd…

Fantastic SF DJ, Mike Relm, gears up for his set on the Tunnel Stage.

Ferris wheel at sunset.

That minuscule blur is TV on the Radio.

I love this picture. Hula girl against the SF skyline.

Oakland Bay Bridge on the way back home…

Now check out my full review as published in Performer Magazine!