John Murphy – Sunshine OST – and Random Thoughts

John Murphy, who collaborated with Danny Boyle on several prior films, composed a hauntingly uplifting soundtrack for “Sunshine,” a film of elegant poignancy. And while I can cross-analyze every note, I feel it a pointless endeavor, as you can simply decipher its greatness on your own…

Trailer set to “Lux Aeterna” from the Requiem for a Dream OST

I confess I haven’t been in the mood for writing lately. First of all, Performer Magazine consolidated its offices to Boston in an effort to survive the economic downfall, resulting in regional layoffs and massive organizational changes. Sadly, our West Coast Editor, Katherine Hoffert, is no longer with Performer. She’s a fantastic person and I owe her a lot (a lot). Katherine, best of luck to you (not that you’ll need it).

Secondly, and on a wholly separate note, the past month left me experiencing a form of true love I had never known before… and in a devious twist of fate, I learned it could never be. But for her, I’ll always hold a sense of caring that permeates deeper than anything else, that I could be content just being there always, if only to make her happy, even if I can’t truly be hers.

“Mercury” – Poignant and Simple

Anyway, it’s a new year and I thought it appropriate to share the soundtrack to “Sunshine,” one of my favorite films by one of my favorite directors. The film is hopeful but somber, and the characters find humanity through deep sacrifice and their ability to endure. Such is life.

And I promise I’ll try and write more


“The Surface of the Sun” – The Film’s Grand Number

“Only dream I ever have… is it the surface of the sun?
Every time I shut my eyes… it’s always the same.”