Festizio / Our New Album Is Out!


After months of recording, mixing and production, our first full-length record is out! It took a lot of hard work (and many painful hours in the studio), but we’re more than ecstatic with our results. Also, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be playing our next show at Slim’s on May 30 (TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW!, and please join our Facebook Page to stay updated)!

Check out our new album on CD Baby or get a digital copy on iTunes or Amazon! ☺

San Francisco alt-rock band Festizio combines ambient sounds and driving rhythms in a landscape of intertwined harmonies. Listeners often associate its sound with bands like Radiohead and Muse, though the eclectic variation of genres that Festizio employs clearly distinguishes it as unique. With a diverse musical background, the band also collectively draws from a variety of influences ranging from dance rock to soul. Already garnering positive reviews from industry critics and Bay Area venues, Festizio’s popularity is spreading well beyond its local roots. With the release of its long-awaited self-titled album, Festizio solidifies its reputation by providing a fresh new sound to rock music.

Festizio is Keane Li, Ryan Scott, Gerald Pan and Nicholas Mitrousis.