WC PERFORMER – My Second Surprise – Time to Move On


My Second Surprise – Time to Move On
Mixed by Craig Schumacher at Wavelab Studios in Tucson, AZ
Mastered by J.J. Golden at Golden Mastering in Ventura, CA

My Second Surprise’s sophomore release, Time to Move On, follows 2005’s Avoidance as a Way of Life. Front man, Ayal Nistor’s now San Francisco-based band recorded in various countries and even acquired an Israeli Grammy. Similarly, Nistor’s latest release offers a level of eclecticism only a series of well-traveled paths can produce, as Time to Move On marches elegantly across ten tracks of lush folk rock.

Time to Move On opens triumphantly with “Bring the Sunshine.” A horn section trumpets over a pulsating piano and jangling high-hats as a sweeping chorus erupts with Nistor’s vocal polyphony. The songs exhibit a comfortable swing that’s mournful at times, as if they jump between a lazy day in the park and a sad scene in a film. Typical of the overall album, “When Your Crew Has Sunk Your Boat” exhibits a melancholy yet relaxed feel – somber lyrics with light instrumentation. This feeling continues on “All Your Rivers,” where Nistor exudes a chilling sense of intimacy as he sings in a low breathy voice: “So you had me / Sure tried to hold me down / And I liked it / But then you just turned around.” A violin creates a swelling effect that wrenches at the heart, cutting effectively at a harmonious breakdown backed by only a slight tinkling of keys.

Closing on the aptly titled, “Time to Move On,” the album exists as a journey of itself – lonely moments concluded with the closure of finding its place. My Second Surprise has traveled its fair share to find success on Time to Move On. And with solid musicianship and strong songwriting, one should never for a second be surprised. (self-released)


– Keane Li (more…)