WC PERFORMER – Xu Xu Fang – Seven Days Now


Xu Xu Fang – Seven Days Now
Produced and Engineered by Bobby Tamkin
Recorded by The Wrangler at The Sound Ranch in Culver City, CA
Mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering

It requires no less than seven members to produce the broad soundscape exhibited by Xu Xu Fang’s latest EP, Seven Days Now. The Los Angeles psychedelic septet follows their successful previous release, The Mourning Son, with five ambitious and bold tracks that define the phrase, “larger than life.” The record already ranks high on several distribution sites and even includes a song featured in the hit show, Gossip Girl.

Seven Days Now opens with a cover of The Cure’s “Fascination Street.” Xu Xu Fang’s rendition contrasts the original by providing a grittier, more electronic take on the popular song, somehow managing to make an already spacious song more ambient. The next track, “Seven Days Now,” brings the EP down to its most comfortable mellow. Soft and gentle with wispy vocals harmonizing atop one another, the song serves as a refreshing aperitivo for the darker melodies on the following tracks. That the following, “Your Way,” found airplay on Gossip Girl comes as no surprise. Xu Xu Fang’s ability to create atmospheric melodies provides their songs with plenty of soundtrack-suitable material. “Your Way” is a strong, perfectly groovable track painting a glorious scene of clicks, chimes and beats.

The eleven-minute finale, “Where Is Everybody?” may very well be the most poignant track on the EP. It opens with the sound of cars moving, feet against pavement and a haunting hum draped over a series of airy effects. Bells ring against the sound of rain where unintelligible voices can be heard in the background. There’s an element of sadness and fear implemented into the otherwise portrayed simplicity and innocence of everyday street life. The culmination of these sounds leads directly into an exotic trip-hop session with a strong Middle Eastern flavor. This grand conclusion allows Xu Xu Fang’s Seven Days Now an exit that acts also as a doorway into their more robust universe. (CSSR)

– Keane Li (more…)