KT Tunstall – "Under the Weather" / Weathering a storm…

KT Tunstall | MySpace

This week of wet weather has been driving many of us, including myself, indoors. It’s particularly miserable, at first glance, with its bleak gray shadow and chill. But metaphorically, it’s sort of renewing. Rain, after all, is required for growth.

“Trying to find my umbrella, but I don’t know where to begin…”

The first few weeks of 2010, I find myself constantly reevaluating what I want life to mean for me. It’s the reemergence of a feeling I haven’t had since 2007 when I quit my last job and remade my life. It’s exciting, really, but there’s still an element of fear from the unknown. A shadow of a doubt.

“And it’s simply irrational weather, I can’t even hear myself think…”

It’s a shame to be encumbered by falling water. With all our technical prowess, we let a shift in perspective bring us down. And rain can be as much fun as sun, especially in how it seems to bring us closer in more intimate ways. Hot chocolate seems to be more sweet. Body warmth.

“I’m under the weather, just like the world, and I need somebody to hold…”

So I’m hoping I’ll find something more than just sunshine at the end of this shrouded phase. If anything, the storm is just a reminder, that we can walk the world and not find what we’re looking for if we forget to look within.

“I know that I’m not alone…

… it feels like home.”