The Human Condition: A Taxi Ride to Nowhere

John Powell | IMDB

I was walking down the street the other day, watching people move around in their daily uniforms, and I realized that we are all so distracted in our everyday lives. Whether it is work, getting around, laundry or food, we have so much to do. So much. Here we are with our ability to act against our instincts, our deviance from the rest of nature, and we clutter distractions back into our lives until we’re no more programmed than an ant moving from one task to the next. But when we’re done and the distractions are gone, where do we go from there besides to sleep?

Was everything you spent your energy on today worth it?

Every now and again, I find myself pondering the human condition. Like a robot in some sci-fi flick, sometimes I feel we’re automatons that have been animated with self-awareness, whether intentionally or not. We’re still trying to understand our purpose and, quite basically, ourselves. And while the search for meaning is meaningful in and of itself, there’s always this, albeit exciting, great fear of the unknown.

Like a taxi ride to nowhere – nowhere we may know of, anyway. Adventure, but hope the fare isn’t too steep.