Rachel's – "Water From the Same Source" / Why Most Bands Bore Me Today

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I’ve been trying to get at the root of my current disinterest in the music scene as of late. While I find merit in most songs, a lot of what’s out there just doesn’t grab me on a deep and meaningful level. The whole quirkiness-for-quirkiness’-sake mixed with repetition and cutesy instrumentation prevalent in indie rock doesn’t do it for me.

There are two qualities in music that I resonate with most: soul and ambiance. I realize now, in thinking of these qualities, that I’m a big fan of blues/jazz-based music. While most of today’s popular music has ties to these forms, one could argue that indie rock is starting to divert more from either folk or electronic music. The latter is oftentimes cold and droning. The former puts me to sleep. I need something dynamic that can take me away, something with the capability of transporting the listener to another time or place.

The one thing I can’t stand is flat music lacking in soulfulness. It needs some smooth flavor, whether via angst or pretty shimmers. For a form of expression to be near expressionless is like keeping fireflies trapped in a jar. They’re pretty to look at but demand to be released.

Music should set you free.