The Shores of Oahu – How the sun hits Haleiwa in all the right ways

To be honest, I’ve only been up to Haleiwa and the North Shore no more than ten times during the 12 years I lived on Oahu. Located up along the northern coast of the island, getting to and from the town requires a bit of a drive. It’s a beautiful place though, a colorful rendition of country living in Hawaii. It’s quiet but not secluded. Tourists now flock here to score some local culinary favorites like shave ice and Kahuku shrimp plates.

If I had to choose any image of home to take with me, shots of Haleiwa would rank high. The way the sun hits the buildings near sunset is really unforgettable.

Photos include the eastern and northern coasts of Oahu:

For the complete collection, visit my Haleiwa and the Shores of Oahu photoset on Flickr or view them in the slideshow here: