How the Legend of the Trevi Fountain Came True for Me

Standing in front of the magnificent fountain, surprisingly free of massive crowds that day, I chose a coin of lesser value (I’m Chinese) and tossed it over my right shoulder into the water. Apparently I had done it with the wrong hand, as a nearby traveler began to instruct me on the proper method in which one conjures the magic of the monument. Perhaps by luck, I found a stray coin on the floor, and I tossed it into the water in a manner suitable with the legend’s requirements.

According to the mythology, throwing one coin into the Trevi Fountain ensures a return trip back to Rome, two leads to new romance and three coins leads to marriage. I’m not sure what my 1.5 throws gets me at that exchange rate.

Something must’ve worked, because I now find myself with a plane ticket back to the Eternal City. This time, however, I’ll be staying for an entire month rather than just a day. I’ll also be spending a little over two weeks in the coastal town of Rimini for BlogVille, a travel writing program sponsored by the tourism board of Emilia Romagna. That’s nearly two months in Italy. It’s plenty of time to see if the second part of the legend comes true! (Kidding…)

Okay, so maybe my returning to Rome doesn’t actually prove the legend true. But isn’t life all about the choices we make?

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