Intro to BlogVille Rimini – The Sunset in Emilia-Romagna

Rimini at Night - Man on Pier

Today I arrived in Rimini, a coastal town on the eastern coast of Italy, for BlogVille Rimini, a travel writers’ project hosted by the region of Emilia-Romagna. My first impression of the city brought back memories of my hometown of Hawaii mixed with the charm of the better half of Virginia Beach. It’s a peaceful place, especially given that I had just left both Rome and Naples. I met my fellow BlogVille writers, all of them lovely, and we enjoyed the afternoon sitting along the beachfront with conversation and drinks. At night, we hit up a great restaurant for piadine and wandered the city bathed in streetlight. The evening was concluded with a tasting of the largest gelato (yes, more gelato) serving I’ve ever had for just two euros. For a city with heavy Fellini presence, I can say this is definitely living la dolce vita.

But it’s just the beginning…

The sand along the Rimini beach

Beach chairs along the Rimini beachfront

Beach chairs along the Rimini beachfront

Playground and moon on the beach of Rimini

Sign against the setting sun along Rimini beach

Family biking along the Rimini beachfront

Camera monument to Fellini along the Rimini beach

Sun setting in Rimini and motorino

La Buca - Seafood restaurant neon sign along the Rimini beach

The Rimini pier at night

Beacons and Silhouette - The Rimini pier at night

Fishermen along the Rimini pier at sunset