Visiting the Musei Vaticani like a VIP with Walks of Italy

Bramante's Staircase - Statue

Imagine, if you will, making your way through the crowded mess that is the Musei Vaticani on a typical summer day. Packed with tourists, you shuffle through, half-admiring the timeless art and half-watching your step. Now, imagine that Vatican security steps out just for you, unhinging velvet ropes and letting you through to areas prohibited to the public. “Wow… VIP,” an American tourist comments, partly in jest and in jealousy. You smile, humbly, but also somewhat proudly, because you certainly feel like a “VIP” as you bypass the hordes and enter breathtaking areas like sections of the Stanze di Raffaello with just you, your guide and a few others.

It’s like having the Vatican Museums all for yourself.

This is the experience of the “VIP Access – Behind the Scenes & Sistine Chapel tour” with Walks of Italy. I had visited the Vatican Museums with a regular tour half a year prior, and I have to say that the VIP tours offered by Walks of Italy are the only way to do it. If you’re planning a trip to this beautiful attraction, definitely consider booking a tour with them.

Aside from the Raphael Rooms, the tour also grants you access to the impressive Scala di Bramante (Bramante’s Staircase), with an accompanying panoramic view of Rome, the Cappella Niccolina (Niccoline Chapel) and the Gabinetto delle Maschere (Cabinet of the Masks). Of course, included are the other great exhibits within the museums and the dramatic conclusion, the Sistine Chapel.

This is epic museum visiting at its best.

Entrance to the Vatican Museums

Courtyard of the Vatican Museums

Bramante's Staircase

Looking down from the top of Bramante's Staircase

View of Rome from the top of Bramante's Staircase

View of Rome from the top of Bramante's Staircase

View of Rome from the top of Bramante's Staircase

Tourist admiring a statue in the Vatican Museums

Close shot of a statue in the Vatican Museums

Head sculptures in a courtyard in the Vatican Museums

Statue in the Vatican Museums

Statue in the Vatican Museums

Empty hallway of statues in the Vatican Museums - VIP!

Admiring mosaics in the Vatican Museums

Man walking alone outside the Vatican Museums

Circular room of gods in the Vatican Museums

Vatican Museums - Hall of Maps / Sala delle Carte Geografiche

#redpants in the Vatican Museums

Basilica San Pietro / St. Peter's Basilica - Rays of light shining down

Disclaimer: I was graciously offered a complimentary tour by Walks of Italy. They did not request anything from me except that I have a great time. All opinions here are my own, but you already knew that, smartypants.