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Five favorite travel-related songs

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, this blog was devoted to music and concerts. Since I started travel writing, I’ve neglected my passion for the auditory arts. I’m combining the two today in this post.

When I walk around town, I always have a song playing in my head. It’s like having a personal soundtrack. Here are some of my favorite travel-related songs/compositions. I’d love to hear what yours are in the comments.

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Happy New Year! Favorite Songs and Top 10 Posts of 2010

TOP 10 SONGS OF 2010

If you have an rdio account, click here for a more convenient playlist. And please be sure to add your favorite songs to the comments below!


1.) My High School Senior Project: The Myth
2.) PLAYLIST – Yelp Holiday Mixtape Banger
3.) “Everything Is Meaningless” / Joseph Campbell, Ants, and (since it’s me) Radiohead
4.) “In the Movies” / Giants win the World Series!
5.) La meglio gioventù – My favorite film that’s not Inception
6.) PERFORMER MAGAZINE – Interview with Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl)
7.) Chopin, Piazzolla, The Temper Trap / The most beautiful music in my life right now
8.) Merry Christmas!
9.) PERFORMER MAGAZINE – RECORD REVIEW: Mikie Lee Prasad, Jukebox Folktales: Volume Two
10.) ARTIST ADVICE – The First Gig – Setting your head for a proper performance

PLAYLISTS – "Ambition"

It grows like a swell in the heart, intense pressure in the chest. Perpetual movement forward, direct and precise, efficient and clean. Fuel for a fire, cold with purpose. Patient. Living well so that others might do the same… Inspiring.


The World Is Not Enough – Garbage

Push It – Garbage

Butterflies & Hurricanes – Muse

Hysteria – Muse

Lucky – Radiohead

Everything In Its Right Place – Radiohead

And if you haven’t guessed yet, these are my all-time favorite bands.


Here are some songs for the day, a set of more upbeat tracks than those on my previous playlist, “Night.” I’m still looking for a decent playlist generator that includes all the obscure (non-live) songs I desire. Oh, well…


Hey Jude – The Beatles

Feeling Good – Muse

Bittersweet Symphony – The Verve

Lucky Man – The Verve

Spectacular Views – Rilo Kiley

Portions For Foxes – Rilo Kiley

Silver Lining – Rilo Kiley

If The Brakeman Turns My Way – Bright Eyes

LDN – Lily Allen

Smile – Lily Allen

Lovers In Japan / Reign Of Love – Coldplay

Viva La Vida – Coldplay

Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis

Learn to Fly – Foo Fighters

1 2 3 4 – Feist

Have a nice day!


I’ve always had the idea for a concept album that separated itself into “day songs” and “night songs,” where the former included organic, cheerful music and the latter consisted of more electronic, darker songs. Finally, I scrapped together some tunes (mostly from the 90s) into a playlist suitable for sweeping the streets at night…


The End Is The Beginning Is The End – The Smashing Pumpkins

Ava Adore – The Smashing Pumpkins

Eye – The Smashing Pumpkins

The Everlasting Gaze – The Smashing Pumpkins

Closer – Nine Inch Nails

Temptation Waits – Garbage

Push It – Garbage

The Trick Is To Keep Breathing – Garbage

You Look So Fine – Garbage

All Mine – Portishead

Undenied – Portishead

Army Of Me – Bjork

Bachelorette – Bjork

Play Dead – Bjork

All is Full of Love – Bjork

What Me Worry – St. Vincent

All My Stars Aligned – St. Vincent

I included the last two songs as a contrast to the previous tracks, a much more pleasant end to a series of melancholy moods.