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Becoming a Travel Writer with the Gogobot Travel Salon

On April 10, Gogobot will be hosting their first-ever Travel Salon in San Francisco! If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to become a travel writer, while receiving tips from established authors and networking with other travelers, this is the event for you. It’ll be held at Monarch, a beautiful new lounge in SoMa.

Note: I’m currently working with this awesome company, so I may be slightly biased in determining the event’s expected awesomeness. Additionally, I will be there myself, so I can assure you the event will be awesome.

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Becoming a Travel Writer

I recently deleted my old Blogspot site, though it’s not a big deal since I imported all the posts to this one. In looking at my very first post, I remembered how I started blogging during my pre-Performer Magazine days to show that I could be a music writer. Obviously, that turned out well.

If you’ve been following my noise for the past month or so, you’ll know that I’ve been making the move into the realm of travel writing. I feel like I’m beginning the above process again. Not surprisingly, it made me really happy yesterday when my first article for the travel network Gogobot was featured on their blog: “Seven Great Spots for Affordable Glasses of Wine in San Francisco.” It was the result of intense um… research… for a much needed cause. I also became the SF Italian Culture Examiner recently, so I’ll be covering local cultural events as well.

Additionally, I’m a contestant in a G Adventures contest to travel and cover a part of the world. Please do me a huge favor by voting for me! It only takes a second and you won’t have to register or sign up for anything. You can even vote again the following day ;) This would be a dream for me, so I thank you in advance.

If you hear of any opportunities or freelance projects related to travel writing, please let me know!