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Festizio Acoustic Demo from 2007

I just found the last copy of an unreleased acoustic demo I recorded in 2007. I made a few copies and shared it with some friends, folks at the local coffeehouse and my mom. It’s all acoustic and includes three tracks. The first song was only performed once. The last song you may recognize if you’ve ever seen us play or own our studio album. The second song I can guarantee you’ve never heard before.

1.) Today
2.) Til Lights Send Me Home
3.) Beautiful

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Festizio Performing at Yelp Goes Gaga! at The New Parish in Oakland

Are you an Elite member of Yelp? If so, be sure to RSVP for the first East Bay Elite Event of 2010 because we’ll be performing that night! Not only will it be our first performance in Oakland, but it’ll be the first in a series of belated CD release shows. Because, while our album has been out for awhile, we haven’t properly celebrated its launch.

(Get the album here: CD Baby | iTunes | Amazon)

Better late than never…

Jan 21 – Yelp Goes Gaga!

8 – 11pm

The New Parish
Categories: Music Venues
579 18th Street at San Pablo
Oakland, CA 94612

Those hip to the scene have no doubt heard about Uptown Oakland’s newest hotspot, The New Parish. Created by one of the fellas behind The Independent in SF, uniquely designed and rigged up with a killer sound system, hopes are high for this venue. We’ve just heard that they’ll be granted their liquor license mid-month, and you know what that means right? Elite party on January 21st from 8-11pm!

Oh yes, they’re so eager to get yelpers in the house, the ten day countdown is on for a blow out! To ease into the night, guests are invited to enjoy spirit tastings courtesy of Drink Me Mag and Caribbean nibbles from neighboring restaurant, Hibiscus for the first hour. Then the party will really get kicking when Stunna starts flowing, and yelpers Ryan S and Keane L‘s band Festizio rock the stage! Combining ambient sounds and driving rhythms in a landscape of intertwined harmonies, this will be an outstanding performance. To keep that groove going, we’ll have a special guest DJ come in with an arsenal of banging beats!

So bust out your hottest Lady Gaga-esque outfit and stunna shades, the first East Bay bash of 2010 is going to be blinding!

Festizio in the New Issue of Performer Magazine (Twice!)


Two mentions and listed on the front cover! Not too shabby for our debut in a nationally distributed magazine. Even better, our album appears next to our good friend, Mikie Lee Prasad, a great local musician who we both know and love. The amp review below even features Dangermaker, a band we’ve performed twice with already. The mentioned show was our most recent at San Francisco’s Grant & Green Saloon in North Beach. And yes, that’s a picture of me next to the amp :)

Download a digital copy of the magazine.

Disclaimer: Although I write for Performer Magazine, I had no influence over our album review and our inclusion in the gear review was by request of the National Editor to test the practical usability of the amps.

Happy Thanksgiving! / The things I'm thankful for…


Would you believe in a love at first sight?
Yes, I’m certain that it happens all the time…

Given the day, I thought it would be appropriate to reflect on the various things I’m thankful for:

☺ The family
☺ All the great people I’ve met in San Francisco
☺ My band
RedCandle, the research group I just co-founded
Thread, the start-up I’m consulting
☺ The sacrifices made by the turkey community
☺ Harry Potter

That I can work from home post-layoff and not go significantly into debt is a nice thing. 2009 was tough but I feel I learned a lot. I just need to remind myself of all the great things in my life and I think I’ll get by just fine…

Perhaps, with a little help from my friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!

"I hear jazz, people walking and the sound of cars…"


“I hear jazz, people talking. The sound of cars”

I took this photo one night while staying late in the office. After uploading it to Radar, a commenting friend suggested the caption sounded like “the beginning of some amazing lyrics.” So, using the photo and a beautiful night as inspiration, I wrote a simple song and recorded it this morning with GarageBand (please pardon the internal mic buzz).


I hear jazz, people walking and the sound of cars
Through the windows while I’m talking with a coworker
It’s almost Friday and she’s packing for the country tonight

And I don’t know what I’m doing here twenty to nine
I guess I’m trying to find a way to bide my time
Cause life moves fast and I just need a chance to breathe

Oh my God, it becomes two o’clock
And I’ve had too much to drink
We’ll sit outside the bar and we’ll talk for hours, I won’t need anything
Except to hear you speak and a chance to hear you sing

The stars they shine so brightly lit
The street lights can’t contest with this
And if it’s real I hope it never stops

I happen to find me beside myself
here rushing and thinking about someone else
And I can’t help but feel our time is up

Oh my God, it’s past four o’clock
And I’ve had too much time to think
We’ll sit in my car and we’ll talk for hours, I won’t need anything
Except to hear you speak and a chance to hear you sing…

Festizio / Our New Album Is Out!


After months of recording, mixing and production, our first full-length record is out! It took a lot of hard work (and many painful hours in the studio), but we’re more than ecstatic with our results. Also, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be playing our next show at Slim’s on May 30 (TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW!, and please join our Facebook Page to stay updated)!

Check out our new album on CD Baby or get a digital copy on iTunes or Amazon! ☺

San Francisco alt-rock band Festizio combines ambient sounds and driving rhythms in a landscape of intertwined harmonies. Listeners often associate its sound with bands like Radiohead and Muse, though the eclectic variation of genres that Festizio employs clearly distinguishes it as unique. With a diverse musical background, the band also collectively draws from a variety of influences ranging from dance rock to soul. Already garnering positive reviews from industry critics and Bay Area venues, Festizio’s popularity is spreading well beyond its local roots. With the release of its long-awaited self-titled album, Festizio solidifies its reputation by providing a fresh new sound to rock music.

Festizio is Keane Li, Ryan Scott, Gerald Pan and Nicholas Mitrousis.

Festizio – Yelp/OurStage Elite Event @ 111 Minna (02.22.08)


When I was a kid, I dreamt of designing ambient restaurants with exotic food where people could escape into. I love art for similar reasons – a poignant painting reflects a refuge for the soul where one can get lost and disappear. 111 Minna exudes creativity and classy crowds, and thus it’s set apart from other bars in the nightlife scene.

(The only nametag I had on all night read, “Angela B.” That is, in fact, not my real name.)

The Yelp/OurStage Elite Event was obviously my best Minna experience (though I’m not complaining about the “Nude Girls” exhibit). Minna serves as an excellent music venue with a spacious and artistically decorated stage, and a separate bar area for more casual listeners.

(Someone threw a pair of women’s underwear on stage that had a mouth hole in the front. Dear You, where can I get more?)

A huge thank you to Jessica Morris of OurStage and Nish for the invitation, and to Jeremiah of Minna for the superb sound support. But really, it’s the brilliant Yelp Community that effectively stole the show.


If I could create just one beautiful escape for the world before I die, I’d be set.

MP3 – Festizio – "Turn Out the Lights" (New!)

Click the image!

Our first band recording in almost a year… In the past, we labored endless nights recording and editing separate instrument tracks. This time we just set up a couple of area mics in our rehearsal space and did a quick live recording (I recorded the vocals at home for audio cleanliness). It’s not as flawless as multi-tracking, but indie rock isn’t about flawlessness… just as much as it isn’t about any substantial effort (lazy).