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Super Furry Animals / Holy Fuck / Here Here @ Great American Music Hall (02.09.08)


Once again, I’m at GAMH and it’s an all-ages show. Luckily, I have a (paying) job this time, and can afford the comfort of quality booze.

The show opened with Here Here, a San Francisco seven-piece band. I missed their performance at the Make-Out Room during January’s Performer Presents show, so I appreciated the chance of finally catching them in concert. They utilize a slew of instruments in indie-pop fashion. And while the tunes were fun and novel, the flood of instrumental noise drowned any hope of recognizing just what the hell the guy was singing. Still, I thought they were cool, and wouldn’t mind seeing them again. Less is more, guys!

“Holy Fuck” is both the worst and most brilliant band name in terms of marketing. It’s bad because you can’t talk about the group in certain places, like Toys ‘R’ Us or Chuck E. Cheese’s. You know, all my favorite haunts. Conversely, it’s brilliant in that you’ll never forget them. When your friend stubs his toe and yells, “Holy fuck!” you can immediately recall the band and respond, “Yeah, ‘Royal Gregory’ is a kickass track!” Also, they exude a cool electro-nerd charisma on stage. Good times.

If ever there was a band that could make The Fratellis seem like boring tax collectors, it would be Super Furry Animals. Immensely wacky, the lead singer appeared on stage wearing (and singing through) a giant Power Rangers helmet. Occasionally, random animal noises would fill the stage, encouraging the audience to reply with their own hoots and caws (cawing like a crow never stops being funny – one of few things I learned during college). I enjoyed myself relatively well given I knew nothing of SFA. And I know they’re referred to as “SFA,” because I saw this kid with that abbreviation scotch-taped to the bottom rim of his tilted-up cap…

All-ages shows, yeah! It’s morphin’ time!

PERFORMER PRESENTS – Scissors For Lefty / Kid Beyond / The Ebb and Flow @ Great American Music Hall (10.28.07)


This review writes from the perspective of the three types of people present at tonight’s show…

(On The Ebb and Flow…)

PrepubeGirl: OMG, Tina, it’s this band’s LAST show EVER! He’s good on that guitar all by himself. Like Hendrix… or Kurt Cobain. I like them both they are so similar. All by himself. Doesn’t that, like, blow your mind?! Bobby’s emo haircut was so cute I think he went to the salon right before coming here. Let’s go get some autographs…

Girl’sMom: Boy, it’s pretty inside. Wowie, two stories! Can you believe they only have one per-person bathroom?

Me: …

(On Kid Beyond…)

PrepubeGirl: OMG, Britney, that guy was SO kewl. He came out in a Batman costume, and beat-boxed and did this techno stuff all with his mouth. LOL, so funny! Doesn’t that, like, blow your mind?! Zach looks so hot in his tight hipster stripes I need to go to Urban Outfitters like now. Let’s go get some autographs…

Girl’sMom: Oh, food! Do they have pineapple iced tea? When do you think the new TurboTax is coming out?

Me: …

(On Scissors For Lefty…)

PrepubeGirl: OMG, Scissors was awesome. They’re like The Strokes and Panic! At the Disco put together with a singer that looks like Jason Mraz. All my favorites! And they came in costumes too! LOL. Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas! I’m SO buying another Jack Skellington hoody now. It’s still so totally relevant. Doesn’t that, like, blow your mind?! Kevin just proposed underage sex in front of my parents. Let’s go get some autographs…

Girl’sMom: I wonder if that Mitchell Theatre next door is still playing “Ratatouille…”


Retrospective: The bands were all fantastic, particularly Kid Beyond, and GAMH serves as a beautiful venue. DJ Felina, who spun between sets, carried the audience away with her blend of brilliant “Equatorian” rhythms. In all seriousness, it was a really great show. Thanks, Performer Magazine! Now I’m going home with Tina, and we’re totally going to make fun of Bobby’s over-conditioned hair… LOL. What a loser!