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A Close-Up Look at the Grand Hotel Rimini

Grand Hotel Rimini - Bar menu and sunglasses

Last night I had a dream I was back in Italy. I opened my eyes and saw the Roman Colosseum in front of me, as if coming up from the Roma Metropolitana. I remember feeling instantly elated. My parents were there. It was winter. Little kids were ice skating (it was a dream) and little bits of white dust or snow were falling gently like they do in every other Ridley Scott film.

Not being able to sleep, I decided to revisit Italy. Not Rome this time, but Rimini. I wanted to go back to a particular sunny day when fellow BlogVille photographer Asgeir Pedersen, writer Gina Stark and I visited the Grand Hotel Rimini, the most historic and, perhaps, the most beautiful hotel in Rimini. Continue reading “A Close-Up Look at the Grand Hotel Rimini”