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Rilo Kiley @ The Warfield Theatre (09.06.07)


I don’t even know where to begin. There are concerts that rock (Muse), and there are concerts that just make you feel good (Dylan)…

Rilo Kiley falls gracefully between glory and groove.

From power-pop folk affairs like, “Portions for Foxes” and “Spectacular Views,” to uber-love ballads, “I Never” and “Does He Love You?” Rilo Kiley succeeds on all fronts and never fails to please. Amazing vocals by Jenny Lewis; their collective instrumentals, superb. The ambiance was perfect.

“We can see the stars, from where the birds make their homes, staring back at us….”

This was Rilo’s first show after playing overseas, and you could tell they were pumped to be back home. Ever-charismatic lead guitarist, Blake Sennett, contributed a healthy share of the entertainment. Bassist, Pierre de Reeder, and drummer, Jason Boesel¸ established a strong rhythm with which the audience flowed with no restriction.

“Indifferent, but distanced perfectly…”

Opening acts, Jonathan Rice and Grand Ole Party, were excellent as well. And when someone yelled, “Rilo Kiley!” near the end of Rice’s set, he cuttingly replied, “Yeah, I like them better than YOUR band too…” Suh-sizzle, snap.

“Projected endlessly…”

But I remember you, dear Jenny, though you may not remember me. You see, I was a dopey kid enthused with, “The Wizard,” a movie about an even dopier kid who excels at playing Nintendo. You were hot then and, damn it all, you are hotter now. But, seeing you on stage…

How did you put it?

Oh, yeah…

“It’s so fucking beautiful.”