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Old meets new in Lijiang during the COART international artists festival

Old Meets New in Lijiang During the COART International Artists Festival

China isn’t the red communist country of same-faced okay men and yessir women that the past presented. The nation formerly under Mao’s cultural servitude is now brimming with hip artists, free thinkers and incredibly fashionable people. This was especially true during the COART international artists festival in Shu He Ancient City during the start of this month. Folks of past traditions mixed with young artists from around the world in the historic town, creating a dichotomy of old and new that was visually appealing.

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Couple in traditional Chinese clothing pose on Qinglong Bridge in Lijiang

Finding Love in Lijiang

It’s not difficult to understand why Shu He Ancient City and Lijiang Old Town are filled with independent photo studios. The historic centers of this Chinese city are simply beautiful, making them prime choices for wedding photo shoots. Here’s a collection of shots from pretty couples finding love in Lijiang.

(Okay, maybe it’s a little stalkerish.)

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Three dogs in Lijiang's Shu He Ancient City at Sifeng Square

The Dogs (and Cats) of Lijiang

Health codes, shmelth codes! The dogs of Lijiang coexist harmoniously with the citizens of the city’s Shu He Ancient City and historic Old Town, popping in and out of both shops and restaurants. Whether they be scrappy strays or thoroughly outfitted homeowners, these dogs are some of the cutest I’ve seen wandering any city.

Here are some photos of the dogs of Lijiang, with a few shots of the kittens that were playing outside my hotel room too (because I like cats).

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Sunrise and scooter in Kunming

China’s Yunnan Province – On the Road from Kunming to Dali to Lijiang

China’s Yunnan Province sits at the bottom center of the country, bordering Burma, Laos and Vietnam. It’s an area known for jade and silver production, Pu-erh tea and graduated terrace steps, a technique used by farmers to cultivate mountainous terrain. I recently took a bus journey from Kunming, its capital and largest city, to Dali and Lijiang, two cities known for their historic cultural centers. The trip took about eight hours by road, though we made some stops along the way.

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