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PLAYLIST – Yelp Holiday Mixtape Banger

My Yelp Profile | Holiday Event Review

Last night, Yelp held a holiday mixtape Elite Event at Public Works in San Francisco. But since I don’t own any holiday music beyond that one Mariah Carey tune, I included a list of songs I felt captures the prettiness and mood of the holiday season. I even slyly slipped in a couple of tracks from my own band, Festizio.

1.) Ellie Goulding – Lights

2.) Goldfrapp – A&E

3.) FC Kahuna – Hayling

4.) Massive Attack – Teardrop

5.) Festizio – Keep

6.) Radiohead – Nude

7.) Anna Ternheim – Bridges

8.) St. Vincent – All My Stars Aligned

9.) Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Turn Into

10.) Muse – Endlessly

11.) Björk – All Is Full of Love

12.) Festizio – Moving On

And if you like our songs, you can get a free copy of our new studio album by signing up for our mailing list at our website. Think of it as an early Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa present ☺

Music As Paintings of the Universe

Sounds exist all around us, raw and unrefined like short splatterings of color against a gray canvas. As a painter masterfully combines and organizes color into a work of visual art, so does a musician string and sustain sounds into a coherent, melodious piece. It is the voice of God, I believe. It surrounds us in waves, and penetrates our ears into our thoughts and into our very souls.

“The artist, his function is the mythologization of the environment and the world, people particularly gifted, whose ears are open to the song of the universe.” -Joseph Campbell

One of my favorite attributes of a song is atmosphere. I’ve long realized that the general public subconsciously shows little regard for carefully crafted lyrics, placing a greater emphasis on how a song makes them feel, with quality lyrics as a secondary (albeit still important) characteristic. This is evidenced by the public prevalence of pop fodder with a dance backbeat and gibberish for lyrics, not without help from corporate record labels. But when a song can exhibit great atmosphere and lyrical sensibilities, it becomes something more than a simple song. It elevates itself in both our bodies and minds. It becomes an experience.

In no particular order:

and my favorite song of all time…