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Panorama of Ennetbürgen

Panoramic Photos from Italy and Switzerland

Here are the panoramic photos I took during my recent 2015 Europe trip to England, Italy, Switzerland and Germany, thus far unposted. To learn more about the places below, as well as the other cities I visited during this trip, check out the following recap:

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Salerno Waterfront and Fisherman

Salerno and Surrounds – Pizza Napoletana Without the Pazza Napoletana

When the traffic dies there remains the light scent of jasmine in the air. It’s the weekend and the youth emerge, filling the streets of the Centro Storico, frequenting the city’s hip beer bars, paninerie, enoteche and, of course, pizzerie. The heat of the day is swept away by a fresh chill that crawls through the seaside town. Along the coast, couples and families casually stroll along the lantern-lit path, gelato or granita in hand and, tonight for some reason, the sound of a distant singer recanting something by John Legend or some other American pop artist.

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