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36GB of Photos from Rome, Naples and Emilia-Romagna

Rome - Piazza Venezia and Il Vittoriano during the rain

I’m slowly trudging through the 36GB of photos taken during my Italy trip last May. If you’re interested in seeing some unique perspectives on Rome, Naples and towns within Emilia-Romagna, check out my Flickr page (I’ll go back and add descriptions and tags after I’m done uploading everything).

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Crossing Ponte Sant’Angelo (video) and Castel Sant’Angelo

Castel Sant’Angelo may be the most worthwhile attraction in Rome that requires admission. Unlike more famous sites like the Colosseo or the Musei Vaticani, Emperor Hadrian’s fortress-turned-museum is relatively uncrowded, features an art exhibition and provides brilliant views of the city. Located in front of the castle is Rome’s most beautiful bridge, the Ponte Sant’Angelo, Bernini’s bridge with ten angels spanning its length across the Tevere.

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