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Surfing in Waikiki on Oahu

Visions of Hawaii

Having a rough day at work? Winter blues got you down? Maybe this will help warm your spirits. Take a break from your routine with this compilation of photos I took during my time back home in Hawaii (specifically on Oahu, where I grew up, and Kauai). Photos were taken with my iPhone, as I left my DSLR in San Francisco, and originally posted online (hey, follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!).

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The Sunset and Sunrise in Waikiki

Sunset over Waikiki Beach on Oahu

As if I needed another reason to be homesick again, I’ve compiled a list of sunset and sunrise photos from my last trip home to Oahu, Hawaii. The sunset photos were taken along Waikiki Beach throughout our short stay in the area. The sunrise photos were captured early in the morning (anything before 9am is “early” to me) along the Ala Wai Canal on the other end of Waikiki. Continue reading “The Sunset and Sunrise in Waikiki”