Seeking a literary agent for my novel!

Hello! If you’re here, you’re likely interested in my novel. Whether or not you’re a literary agent, I want to THANK YOU for your support. Without further ado, here’s the info:


Genre: Literary historical fiction

Word Count: 83,000

This story takes place during an underrepresented period of San Francisco’s strange past: the years of reconstruction following the Great Quake. It’s an existential adventure, examining human legacies through the eyes of the eccentric citizens across the peculiar locales of the city. 

Edward Vincent was once the greatest painter in San Francisco, before he suddenly disappeared. His skill was so profound they said he could capture the souls of his subjects within his portraits. In the aftermath of the Great Quake of 1906, an ambitious but aimless young man stumbles upon one such painting, the haunting portrait of a woman. The supernatural quality of the art and the curious tale of the painter follow him as he explores the changed city, finding purpose in pursuing this story of love and betrayal. Stories are not so simple, and each rendition lures him closer to what he hopes is the truth. He endeavors to unravel the mystery while finding his place in society amid an eclectic coterie of characters—including the painter and subject themselves—as the city struggles to rebuild.

What was the relationship between the painter and the painted? What betrayal led them astray, and how will they be redeemed? The story is told from the perspective of the young man as he seeks to find his own role in the world.

I’m a writer and editor based in SF. I’ve covered travel, culture, and technology for mostly web publications, and I was formerly a music journalist with Performer Magazine. 

For the synopsis and/or manuscript, please contact me via email.

Thank you!

Keane Li