Life in Transition

Name in Sand at Glass Beach in Fort Bragg

It’s no revelation to acknowledge, even with stark and childlike realization, that life moves fast. For me, the past few years have been a blur, and when I think back to who I was in college and high school, it’s like I’m remembering a character from a John Hughes movie I once saw.

(Not Pretty in Pink.)

In terms of progressing through life, there are few instances more exciting than “life in transition.” Whether attending a school for the first time, finding a new job or getting hitched, such events draw distinct lines between the “before” and the “after.” Like breaking through a Campbellian threshold, the protagonist is changed and must take forward the lessons learned, for better or worse.

Driving on the Oakland Bay Bridge

Similar to the time I quit my job at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and backpacked down the East Coast, life is in transition again in a phenomenal way. I found several new clients as a freelance writer and community manager, finally being able to piece together an income much improved from the crumbs I was collecting before. One of these roles includes becoming Gogobot’s SF Bay Area Community Manager, an incredible opportunity with high visibility. Additionally, and more importantly, a number of personal matters (which I won’t mention in public) seem to be headed for the sunny side as well.

Pier 39 CarouselGrace Cathedral in the Rain

But even positive change and new opportunities can be a little scary, as with them come fear of failure and self-doubt. It’s then that you realize that goals aren’t so much the important rewards as the time you spend moving toward them, that the month of December is really much more fun than just Christmas Day. When you can appreciate the moment, new opportunities aren’t as nerve-wracking anymore, and you can go back to legitimate fears like the rise of zombie velociraptors.

White Rabbit at Mayes Oyster House
Follow the white rabbit…

I’m excited about all the changes occurring now and I’m really grateful they exist at all, so much so that I wrote this half-masturbatory thoughtfest that has nothing to do with travel, except perhaps travel through life, which I suppose is the grandest travel there is.

All photos in this post come off my old iPhone 3G, random memories from years ago.