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Golden Gate Bridge

The Best of San Francisco in Beautiful 4K Video

Like many major cities, San Francisco faces its struggles. The popular “doom loop” narrative often paints the entire city as a dystopia. Some neighborhoods are facing real trouble, but the city is very much not a dystopia. I made the following video to counterbalance that narrative. I wanted to show that, while there are many (many) critical problems to fix, SF is still a beautiful place worth visiting.

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US passport

How to Get/Renew a US Passport Fast

I recently went through the nightmare of needing to renew my United States passport before an international trip. If you’re here, you may be in a similar situation in that you need to get or renew a US passport as quickly as possible. I was able to get an in-person appointment at the passport office within a week, but the process was definitely stressful. To save you from some of the pain, allow me to share some tips and tricks on how to get or renew a US passport fast.

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Stunning New Zealand in Photos

I recently returned from a long trip to beautiful New Zealand. My favorite photos are below. If you’d like to see more travel photos and video stories, join me on Instagram. (Warning: There are a lot of Hobbiton photos because nerd.)

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View of Genoa

Discovering the Mysteries of Genoa

Genoa’s been around. Since the establishment of the Republic of Genoa (Genova, in Italian) in 1005, this major Italian port has been a power in the Mediterranean, fought with that other seaside republic called Venice, participated in the Crusades and was the inadvertent entry point of the Black Death into Europe in the Middle Ages (rats!). Today, the city remains as important as ever, serving as Italy’s busiest port.

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Amsterdam – Canals, Color & Light

Whether you’re a fan of baked goods or just getting baked, one finds diversity in diversions in Amsterdam.

In the morning, as sunlight bursts across the canals and bending roads of the central Jordaan, bakeries of the district offer fresh delights like warm stroopwafels, while pancake houses serve a multitude of sweet and savory flapjacks. Flower markets sell their colorful seeds and plants, recalling a time long ago when the Dutch lost their minds in speculative tulip trading.

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