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Teatro Greco di Akrai (Greek Theater of the Akrai) in Palazzolo Acreide

Palazzolo Acreide & the Ancient Greeks in Sicily

It’s the 8th century BCE. Colonists have arrived in Sicily from Corinth, a city-state between Athens and Sparta, to establish settlements. On this southeastern part of the island, across the Ionian sea from the motherland, rises the great capital city of Syracuse. Allied with Corinth and Sparta, Syracuse will one day help dominate Magna Graecia, growing as large as Athens in the 5th century BCE.

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View of Milan from the Terrazze del Duomo

Milan – Elegance, Nightlife & Expo 2015 (Videos)

Seven years ago in a lifetime far away, before I had ever been to Europe, when I still thought bruschetta was pronounced with a sh, the first native Italian came into my life. I decided to pick up the language, now having someone to practice with; I ditched French and embarked on a voyage into la bella lingua. She was from a small town near Milan, and, since then, I held a fascination for the bustling Italian metropolis. Seven years later, I finally saw the city for myself.

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Love Locks on Ponte Milvio

Revisiting Rome – Hidden History, Vespa Rides & Private Club Dining

The shade is halfway down to block the sun, but it’s already burning inside the train. A group of teenage scouts in uniform of some troop brigade chats loudly nearby, in front of me is a young law student, and, to my right, two ragazzi speak in thick dialect. I can barely understand them when they ask if I can close the shade completely. The regionale train takes nearly three hours to reach Rome from Naples, where I had just visited, and I am without water, slowly sweating out what little precious liquid remains in my body. But, hey, at least I don’t have to pee.

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Train Boarding Ferry to Cross the Strait of Messina from Sicily to Mainland Italy

Going Across the Strait of Messina… on a Train… in a Boat (Video)

Yes, you read that right.

Taking the Italian rail across the Strait of Messina from Sicily to mainland Italy requires what could be one of the coolest experiences in transportation: riding a train that boards a ferry.

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Finding Castles in the Sky and Amazing Views in San Marino

Panoramic view of Guaita Castle from top of San Marino

What do Gondor-esque castles, Duff Beer and vintage Fiats have in common?

They can all be found in the Republic of San Marino!

Located within Italy along the border shared by the regions of Emilia-Romagna and Marche, the Republic of San Marino is an independent microstate that rises high into the sky. Constituted in part by the Apennine mountain range, its capital city, the City of San Marino, offers breathtaking views and quite the bit of exercise. Continue reading “Finding Castles in the Sky and Amazing Views in San Marino”

Riding the Historic Double Decker Tram in Hong Kong

The sound of Tic Tacs rattling in their plastic compartments reminds me of the historic double decker tramways that run though Hong Kong island. I always had Tic Tacs on me when I was here as a kid, often the orange ones but sometimes also the white. This, in turn, reminds me of the heat, the dust, the lack of air condition and the principle of the phrase, “you get what you pay for.” Continue reading “Riding the Historic Double Decker Tram in Hong Kong”

Boy and Chinese lion heads before Chinese New Year parade in San Francisco

Walking with AT&T in the SF Chinese New Year Parade 2013

I often hear newcomers express their surprise that the Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco should be so popular. I almost want to shake them, screaming, “Well, it’s the largest Asian heritage celebration in North America and one of the largest outside of Asia!”

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Five favorite travel-related songs

A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, this blog was devoted to music and concerts. Since I started travel writing, I’ve neglected my passion for the auditory arts. I’m combining the two today in this post.

When I walk around town, I always have a song playing in my head. It’s like having a personal soundtrack. Here are some of my favorite travel-related songs/compositions. I’d love to hear what yours are in the comments.

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