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Treasure Island Music Festival 2008 – Day 2 (In Pictures)


Day 2 of the Treasure Island Music Festival offered a line-up of mostly folk and indie rock bands, contrasting the electronica-centric acts from Day 1. Here are more pics from my mobile phone. On the Festival overall, I just have four words:





(Update: My Performer Magazine review describes it in a few more words than four.)

Riding over for Day 2.

The smooth sounds of Or, the Whale.

Berkeley’s The Morning Benders prepare for their set.

Monster looking at human.

Monster gnawing at human.

Everyone loves Okkervil River.

Yarn feeling art… or something.

Art by David Best. Reflection by me.

The backsides of The Raconteurs as they watch Fleet Foxes.

Lawn art.

The Dodos playing at the Tunnel Stage

Dance, dance!

Dude in a wing sculpture.

I don’t remember who this is…

Festival grounds.

I don’t remember who this is either…

Ferris wheel.

The Bridge Stage near sunset.

Ferris wheel at night means happy sexy kissy time.

This is what The Raconteurs would look like if you were drunk and far away and a camera phone.

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