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Pizza from Pizzarium in Rome

Top 10 Best Pizza al Taglio Places in Rome

If you’re traveling on a budget in Rome, pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice) is your best friend. Not only is Roman pizza a local delicacy, it’s also cheap and can be eaten on the street. Often, even the more mediocre Roman pizzarie surpass their American counterparts. But if you truly want a great slice, where do you go? Here’s my top 10 list of favorite pizza by the slice spots in Rome (in no particular order).

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Gelato from Gelateria Corona in Rome

The Best Gelato in Rome

Everyone has their favorite gelaterie in Rome; these are mine. All of them sit within the center of Rome, where I did most of my wandering during my month there. This list is current as of July 2012, meaning I haven’t been to anywhere that opened since. If your favorite gelateria isn’t mentioned, please let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to try it during my next visit to Rome! (Pardon the watermark accident I had…) Continue reading “The Best Gelato in Rome”

Eating Italy Food Tours - Kenny and Domenico

Exploring Rome’s Testaccio from food to grave with Eating Italy Food Tours

Yesterday I had the pleasure of exploring Testaccio, a lesser-visited-yet-incredibly-beautiful neighborhood in Rome just southwest of the Colosseo and east of Trastevere, with Eating Italy Food Rome Tours.

Led by guides Kenny and Domenico, the tour took us from the historic stands in the Mercato Testaccio (including a seafood shop run by the family members of renowned Italian cinema star Marcello Mastroianni) to famous spots like Volpetti and Giolitti. The group sampled various kinds of Italian cheeses, expensive meats, balsamic vinegar that made my eyes roll back, supplì and of course the three most famous Roman pasta dishes: Amatriciana, Carbonara and Cacio e Pepe. Two members of the group were filming a segment for Viator, and I may have found myself caught on tape saying something ridiculously silly.

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