Top 10 Best Pizza al Taglio Places in Rome

If you’re traveling on a budget in Rome, pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice) is your best friend. Not only is Roman pizza a local delicacy, it’s also cheap and can be eaten on the street. Often, even the more mediocre Roman pizzarie surpass their American counterparts. But if you truly want a great slice, where do you go? Here’s my top 10 list of favorite pizza by the slice spots in Rome (in no particular order).

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1. Pizzarium

You’ve no doubt heard of famed baker Gabriele Bonci’s Pizzarium by now, if not from your well-traveled friends, then from Anthony Bourdain. What makes this place so hot? The gourmet toppings, the exquisitely baked bread and their selection of Italian craft beers makes Pizzarium a must-visit pizzeria. The staff speak English, and it’s very important to ask about a slice before your purchase, as some of the varieties are quite pricey. I had a slice of Margherita and another with a heap of fish on top, and the two alone cost me around €12. (But, damn, was it good!) Take the Rome Metro out to Cipro Station and walk a block to reach this great little spot.

2. Pizzeria Florida

Pizzeria Florida is a straight-up, no-nonsense pizzeria located near Largo Argentina. They offer a variety of cheap and tasty slices without any pretention or fuss. Take your slice over to the Cat Sanctuary across the street (kittens!), and, when you’re done, get a cup of gelato at Gelateria Corona across the street. (Read: “The Best Gelato in Rome“)

3. Forno Campo de’ Fiori

Located in the vibrant Campo de’ Fiori, Forno Campo de’ Fiori is a bakery offering more than just pizza. Their Pizza Rosso is a flavorful and light option of well-baked crust and tomato sauce on top. Head there on the early side, as they don’t stay open as late as some other places.

4. Il Forno Roscioli

Moving from red to white, Il Forno Roscioli is known locally for its Pizza Bianca, a local “white pizza.” Eschewing tomatoes, Pizza Bianca is a simple combination of delicious bread, olive oil and salt. It’s incredibly simple yet remarkable addictive, especially given that the bakers at Il Forno Roscioli are great at what they do. This popular bakery also has a sister restaurant, both located in the heart of the Centro Storico.

5. Forno la Renella

Find Forno la Renella on a small side street in the trendy and tourist-laden Trastevere district. This bakery serves a variety of baked items and offers ample seating for consumption. There’s even a restroom in the back, though it wasn’t working when I visited. If you’re traveling alone, grab a seat by the bar and take in the many local ads on the wall. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even prolong your stay by finding an affordable apartment in Rome…

Pizza and Suppli' from Panella in Rome

6. Panella

Panella is like the posh bistro of bakeries in Rome. With both to-go and seating areas, patrons have their pick from a huge variety of goods ranging from gourmet supplì (fried risotto ball; a local delicacy) to chocolates. Prices are by no means low, but the quality is amazing. The zucchini flower and anchovy pizza here is still one of my all-time favorite pizza slices in Rome. Find this bakery along Via Merulana.

7. Da Michele

If you’re playing tourist, you’ll most likely be near the Trevi Fountain by some point. Skip the obvious tourist joints and stop into Da Michele for some pizza. Prices are reasonable, the options are great and there’s usually a place to sit. It can be a bit hard to find, but it’s not very far from the Trevi Fountain. From what I can remember, all their offerings are kosher as well. (Read: “Rome in the Rain – Photos from Prati to Tridente and Video of the Fontana di Trevi“)

8. Lo Zozzone

For something a little different, try the stuffed pizza at Lo Zozzone, a small pizzaria located near Piazza Navona. Located at the end of a small side street, the restaurant offers a dining room for those who prefer to eat sitting down. I had their house pizza, filled with artichoke, smoked cheese, ham and “fish sauce,” which was some delicious, creamy concoction. It was filling, and all for only €3,50.

9. 00100 Pizza

Testaccio’s 00100 Pizza takes it all a bit further by stuffing the beloved Pizza Bianca with delicious meaty fillings like meatballs or chicken. Called the Trapizzino, this triangular shaped pizza sandwich is perfect for on-the-go dining. Classic pizza is served here as well, as is supplì. I discovered this place during an amazing Rome food tour given by Eating Italy Food Tours, a tour I highly recommend all visitors take during their first few days in Rome.

10. Da Pasquale

Compared to the other pizzerie in this list, Da Pasquale seems much more modest. It’s simply a clean and comfortable pizzeria located in the Centro Storico with friendly service and tasty slices. If you’re looking for a spot to rest after shopping at nearby Via del Corso, stop in here and grab a slice of Margherita pizza. It’s delicious.

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