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36GB of Photos from Rome, Naples and Emilia-Romagna

Rome - Piazza Venezia and Il Vittoriano during the rain

I’m slowly trudging through the 36GB of photos taken during my Italy trip last May. If you’re interested in seeing some unique perspectives on Rome, Naples and towns within Emilia-Romagna, check out my Flickr page (I’ll go back and add descriptions and tags after I’m done uploading everything).

Here are a few shots from Rome that I like in particular… Continue reading “36GB of Photos from Rome, Naples and Emilia-Romagna”

Naples – A photo collection of people and pizza

The two things I miss most about Naples are the people and the pizza. Nowhere have I ever seen such expertly cooked pizze at such low prices (from 1,50€ on the street for a fairly large serving to 5€ at the renowned Di Matteo). As for the people, they exude a devil-may-care attitude clearly evident when it comes to crossing the street; It’s fun but chaotic, and I can now say I’ve stepped directly in front of a moving bus. When night arrives, revelers fill the piazze of Centro Storico, taking in the low temperature and live music with cheap bottles of beer.

Not a bad way to live.

Girl with street pizza from Bellini in Centro Storico in Naples

Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples

Woman in building courtyard in Naples

Street musician in the Centro Storico in Naples

Old couple on a bench with graffiti in Piazza Dante in Naples

The Polizia Municipale and a group of school children along Via Toledo in Naples

Graffiti in Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples - "Happy Birthday. I love you."

Jewelry on the hands of a ragazza napoletana

The funicolare to Vomaro in Naples

Margherita pizza with mozzarella di bufala from the legendary Di Matteo Pizzeria in Naples

Two guys hug it out in Piazza Bellini in Naples

Girl smoking a cigarette in a jazz lounge in Centro Storico in Naples

Accordion player walks home along Via Port'Alba in Naples