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PHOTOS – Songs That Remind Me of Places

I love how hearing songs can help one rediscover places frequented long ago. The way smells seem to bring back forgotten memories (Juicy Fruit gum for me, for some reason), it’s like you’re transported back to when that sensation of being was first mentally recorded. Usually emotive, intense nostalgia can be both fun and scary.

Is there a song that reminds you of a place? How does it make you feel? Let me know in the comments. And please click the images to get a deeper story on where each photo came from…

I’m in Vancouver for my cousin’s wedding. I had been listening to Carla Bruni’s “Tout le monde,” finding the music video where she emerged through a dark tunnel as particularly relevant to international travel (even to Canada). While I didn’t have to pass any dark tunnels, Vancouver was definitely a light at the other end of the path. Pristine, brisk and full of natural beauty, it was a great escape from the normalcy of everyday life.

Coldplay always reminds me of my time at The Conversation Group, most likely because it was there that I first listened to Viva La Vida. While it was bittersweet, as all their songs are, it leaned more to the sweet side.

I’m home in Hawaii for Christmas and I find an unopened copy of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Show Your Bones in my parents’ collection. No one is really sure how it got there, so I immediately enjoy the album and claim it for myself. While I didn’t care for YYYs after hearing “Maps” in college, the songs on Show Your Bones really resonated with me. I’ve since gone back and acquired their previous releases, but this album is still my favorite.

I spend about 13 hours wandering around Manhattan while listening to Rilo Kiley the entire time. I have tickets to their upcoming show at the The Warfield and I need a crash course on their discography before heading back home. While this isn’t my favorite song from their first few albums, it’s the one that reminds me most of wandering around for hours. Another good candidate would be “All the Good That Won’t Come Out,” a song I recall hearing a lot despite the random rotation.

Another one in New York City: I’m at the Brooklyn Bridge, and hearing this song reminds me of the other, more familiar ocean. When I hear this song, I imagine drifting away on waves into the vastness of the ocean, a characteristic of the sea I’ve always marveled at.

“The ocean rolls us away… away… away…”

VIDEO – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – "Turn Into"


From 2006, here’s another brilliant video by Patrick Daughters, also known for his recent Feist releases. It’s the epitome of true love in visual form, complete with brilliant colors, psychedelic effects and perfectly-placed smiles.

Turn Into

I know what I know
I know on car ride down
I hear it my head real low
Turn into the only thing I ever
Turn into hope I do
Turn into you

I know what I know
Well I know that girl you found
Keep that kind of window closed
She’ll turn into the only thing that ever
Turn into, hope I do, turn into you

[the pretty piano part]

Can’t say why I kept this from you
My those quiet eyes become ya
Leave it where it can’t remind us
Turn this all around behind us
Oh, well I know
How far I am to keep you out
I’d like to tell you all about it

[best video ending ever]

I know what I know
I know this last time round
I’ll hear it in my head real low
Turn into the only thing that ever known
Only thing that ever knows…

I heart Karen O.