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PLAYLIST – Yelp Holiday Mixtape Banger

My Yelp Profile | Holiday Event Review

Last night, Yelp held a holiday mixtape Elite Event at Public Works in San Francisco. But since I don’t own any holiday music beyond that one Mariah Carey tune, I included a list of songs I felt captures the prettiness and mood of the holiday season. I even slyly slipped in a couple of tracks from my own band, Festizio.

1.) Ellie Goulding – Lights

2.) Goldfrapp – A&E

3.) FC Kahuna – Hayling

4.) Massive Attack – Teardrop

5.) Festizio – Keep

6.) Radiohead – Nude

7.) Anna Ternheim – Bridges

8.) St. Vincent – All My Stars Aligned

9.) Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Turn Into

10.) Muse – Endlessly

11.) Björk – All Is Full of Love

12.) Festizio – Moving On

And if you like our songs, you can get a free copy of our new studio album by signing up for our mailing list at our website. Think of it as an early Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa present ☺

Bat for Lashes – "Daniel (Mt Eden Dubstep Remix)" / One Year

Bat for Lashes | MySpace
Mt Eden Dubstep on YouTube

I promised myself I would do whatever it takes this year to achieve all my goals. Most notable is the desire to push Festizio, my band, as far as it can go: more shows, another studio release and networking with as many people as I can. Music was always what I felt most passionately about so I think it’s important to do this while I can. I’m not so naïve as to think we’ll be around forever. People get married, have kids, move away or go to space. It’s expected and should be encouraged for everyone (going into space more so for some people than others). One year… to move as efficiently and expeditiously as I can in the right direction.

Festizio at The New Parish

I think we’re off to a good start. We already played a big Yelp Elite Event in Oakland at The New Parish, a new venue opened by the owners of The Independent. We also have two radio appearances and two more gigs coming up in the next few months, including a cool performance at the Chabot Space & Science Center (in the Planetarium, no less).

So, I’m more than happy so far. Unemployed but busy as hell. Time waits for no one. Get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’. Sweep the leg.

By the way, if you want to help me on this lofty mission, please tell your friends, family and pets about Festizio. And please do follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You don’t have to buy anything or perform any sexual favors (unless you want to), but rather share us with the people in your life… especially if they’re record producers.

Festizio Performing at Yelp Goes Gaga! at The New Parish in Oakland

Are you an Elite member of Yelp? If so, be sure to RSVP for the first East Bay Elite Event of 2010 because we’ll be performing that night! Not only will it be our first performance in Oakland, but it’ll be the first in a series of belated CD release shows. Because, while our album has been out for awhile, we haven’t properly celebrated its launch.

(Get the album here: CD Baby | iTunes | Amazon)

Better late than never…

Jan 21 – Yelp Goes Gaga!

8 – 11pm

The New Parish
Categories: Music Venues
579 18th Street at San Pablo
Oakland, CA 94612

Those hip to the scene have no doubt heard about Uptown Oakland’s newest hotspot, The New Parish. Created by one of the fellas behind The Independent in SF, uniquely designed and rigged up with a killer sound system, hopes are high for this venue. We’ve just heard that they’ll be granted their liquor license mid-month, and you know what that means right? Elite party on January 21st from 8-11pm!

Oh yes, they’re so eager to get yelpers in the house, the ten day countdown is on for a blow out! To ease into the night, guests are invited to enjoy spirit tastings courtesy of Drink Me Mag and Caribbean nibbles from neighboring restaurant, Hibiscus for the first hour. Then the party will really get kicking when Stunna starts flowing, and yelpers Ryan S and Keane L‘s band Festizio rock the stage! Combining ambient sounds and driving rhythms in a landscape of intertwined harmonies, this will be an outstanding performance. To keep that groove going, we’ll have a special guest DJ come in with an arsenal of banging beats!

So bust out your hottest Lady Gaga-esque outfit and stunna shades, the first East Bay bash of 2010 is going to be blinding!

Festizio – Yelp/OurStage Elite Event @ 111 Minna (02.22.08)


When I was a kid, I dreamt of designing ambient restaurants with exotic food where people could escape into. I love art for similar reasons – a poignant painting reflects a refuge for the soul where one can get lost and disappear. 111 Minna exudes creativity and classy crowds, and thus it’s set apart from other bars in the nightlife scene.

(The only nametag I had on all night read, “Angela B.” That is, in fact, not my real name.)

The Yelp/OurStage Elite Event was obviously my best Minna experience (though I’m not complaining about the “Nude Girls” exhibit). Minna serves as an excellent music venue with a spacious and artistically decorated stage, and a separate bar area for more casual listeners.

(Someone threw a pair of women’s underwear on stage that had a mouth hole in the front. Dear You, where can I get more?)

A huge thank you to Jessica Morris of OurStage and Nish for the invitation, and to Jeremiah of Minna for the superb sound support. But really, it’s the brilliant Yelp Community that effectively stole the show.


If I could create just one beautiful escape for the world before I die, I’d be set.