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Almost done with our first studio album!


My band, Festizio, is currently finishing its first studio album in historic Hyde Street Studio C with engineer, Jaimeson Durr. While the long studio days were excruciatingly tough, it’s been a fantastic experience. Also, recording on a grand piano in Studio A, where artists like PJ Harvey, Prince, Green Day, Tupac, Shaq (I don’t know…) and more have recorded, was a momentous occasion in and of itself. Most importantly, the atmosphere is friendly and professional, and the crackwhores outside pretty much keep to themselves.

– Getting asked by a hobo if I had a girlfriend.
– Realizing the hobo was actually asking all of us.
– Being upset and not speaking to hobo for days until hobo learned to appreciate my company.
– A culinary tour of TL eateries during lunch breaks.
– Seeing shit in a crate and pondering what it really meant to me spiritually.
– Successfully backing out of the thin driveway without scratching my car (yes, I have a car… how many times are you going to act surprised?).
– Accepting hobo forgiveness over a select sampling of crack rocks and diet cola.
– Recording an album.

A bit of Hyde Street history, courtesy of Mix Online

San Francisco-based engineer/producers Justin Phelps, Jaime Durr and Mike McGinn have reopened Hyde Street Studio’s legendary Studio C, the first room to go online when the facility opened as Wally Heider Studio in April 1969.

Engineer Matt Kelly has occupied Studio C’s live room for the last few years to record Digital Underground, the Hieroglyphics confab and many other hip hop, rock and rap acts. The control room has served as not much more than a storage room since the departure of Sandy Pearlman, who worked out of Studio C as Alpha and Omega studio from 1985 to 1990.

But when Kelly decided not to renew his lease on the live room, Phelps and crew took over Studio C, including the control room. They renovated the space, moved in some outboard gear from Studio B, as well as their own equipment, and installed a modified Sony MPX 3000 console with Hardy mic pre’s and Uptown Automation. The room also offers a Pro Tools|HD rig and a Studer A820 analog machine.

Jefferson Airplane christened Studio C in April 1969 when they recorded Volunteers with producer Al Schmitt, booking the room before it was even finished. The wildly popular Wally Heider Studio then served as the recording site of such classic albums as the Grateful Dead’s American Beauty, Santana’s Abraxis, four Credence Clearwater Revival albums and Crosby, Stills Nash & Young’s Deja Vu, all in studio C. Through the years, the studio hosted projects for Joe Satriani, the Dead Kennedys, Exodus and many more. Recent visitors include Chuck Prophet, Rat Dog, Jerry Garcia Band, Secret Chiefs 3, Slough Feg, Matt Nathanson, Norton Buffalo, Crafty Foxes, The Court and Spark and The Girlfriend Experience.

Festizio – Yelp/OurStage Elite Event @ 111 Minna (02.22.08)


When I was a kid, I dreamt of designing ambient restaurants with exotic food where people could escape into. I love art for similar reasons – a poignant painting reflects a refuge for the soul where one can get lost and disappear. 111 Minna exudes creativity and classy crowds, and thus it’s set apart from other bars in the nightlife scene.

(The only nametag I had on all night read, “Angela B.” That is, in fact, not my real name.)

The Yelp/OurStage Elite Event was obviously my best Minna experience (though I’m not complaining about the “Nude Girls” exhibit). Minna serves as an excellent music venue with a spacious and artistically decorated stage, and a separate bar area for more casual listeners.

(Someone threw a pair of women’s underwear on stage that had a mouth hole in the front. Dear You, where can I get more?)

A huge thank you to Jessica Morris of OurStage and Nish for the invitation, and to Jeremiah of Minna for the superb sound support. But really, it’s the brilliant Yelp Community that effectively stole the show.


If I could create just one beautiful escape for the world before I die, I’d be set.

MP3 – Festizio – "Turn Out the Lights" (New!)

Click the image!

Our first band recording in almost a year… In the past, we labored endless nights recording and editing separate instrument tracks. This time we just set up a couple of area mics in our rehearsal space and did a quick live recording (I recorded the vocals at home for audio cleanliness). It’s not as flawless as multi-tracking, but indie rock isn’t about flawlessness… just as much as it isn’t about any substantial effort (lazy).

Festizio @ Beale Street Bar & Grill (12.01.07)


Review from Anthony Von Eckstein, Booker, Beale Street Bar & Grill

“As a music club manager and musician in the San Francisco area, I have been involved with 1000s of musicians and bands for over 20 years. The first time that tears ever came to my eyes at the end of anyone’s gig was last Saturday night when Festizio came out to play here at our downtown SF venue! The sound of music that emanates from this cerebral rock band is a great mix of melodic and edgy rock riffs, clear and excellently delivered vocals, and a rhythmical energy that cascades into a waterfall of creative overtones. Awesome attitudes, showmanship, and stage presence are also in abundance with Festizio, an emerging force in the universal pages of rock music.”

Gosh, thanks! :)

Festizio @ Broadway Studios (11.02.07)

We didn’t design that flier… nor do we endorse “lazers” of any kind…


(Today is the first day of the rest of my life.)

Several months ago, I made the hard decision of leaving my stable, well-paying finance job for the opportunity of developing something better. I traveled and dabbled in saving, but, more importantly, I grew as a person. As months progressed, my bank account dwindled, and I felt surprisingly naked uninsured. (An unaccountable shade proves somewhat unnerving.)

A few moments before we left for load-in at Broadway Studios, I received a call from an exceptional company and was offered a dream position. The fear of stagnated funds dissipated, and life suddenly shined brilliant bright light upon the evening (read: I left my card open at the bar for the first time in three months).

And so it was of no consequence that last night’s events pushed well into the AMs of today, as a new day was appropriate for my circumstance. Broadway Studios served as venue for a sort of rebirth in my life. We played a strong, solid show (indication of how much we had grown in the past year), and left feeling infinitely empowered.

The spacious interior has a sort of positive energy that other venues lack. It’s warm and inviting, yet still mysteriously subtle without being sinister, even whilst draped in intricate displays of Halloween decor. Aside from standard tables and chairs, the main floor offers several cozy, stage-front booths. Drink prices are typical for North Beach (they also offer a food menu). Two stairways lead upstairs, where one finds additional seating and the band dressing room (complete with refrigeration and shower). Best of all, there is secured parking right next to the place.

But most impressively, Broadway boasts a professional team of players. Patrick, the director, was absolutely friendly from the very first moment we met until well past closing. Tim, the sound technician, took our requests with great consideration, and performed remarkably well given a faulty house sub. I told Ben, the emcee (I don’t know why they have an emcee, though he’s a cool dude), to completely fabricate our story for the introduction, rather than give boring, true-to-life descriptors – apparently, we now have a Disney Channel special pending… But let us not forget what perfects a great club: hot waitresses (and that merit goes to Ashley and Jess – ps, call me).

And so everything turns full circle, and the great hope I embraced for so long proved worthy of correctness. I felt it on stage as I feel it in life: a sense of confidence, maturity and balance.

Today may very well be the best day of my life. Finally, I feel like a rock star, and it has nothing to do with a band…