A Close-Up Look at the Grand Hotel Rimini

Grand Hotel Rimini - Bar menu and sunglasses

Last night I had a dream I was back in Italy. I opened my eyes and saw the Roman Colosseum in front of me, as if coming up from the Roma Metropolitana. I remember feeling instantly elated. My parents were there. It was winter. Little kids were ice skating (it was a dream) and little bits of white dust or snow were falling gently like they do in every other Ridley Scott film.

Not being able to sleep, I decided to revisit Italy. Not Rome this time, but Rimini. I wanted to go back to a particular sunny day when fellow BlogVille photographer Asgeir Pedersen, writer Gina Stark and I visited the Grand Hotel Rimini, the most historic and, perhaps, the most beautiful hotel in Rimini.

The five-star hotel opened in 1908, instantly becoming a popular destination for those staying along the Adriatic Coast. The hotel’s most notable resident was Federico Fellini, the legendary director of international classics like La Strada, La Dolce Vita and 8 1/2. The room in which he lived is available for guests, though, not surprisingly, it is quite popular. And while the hotel can’t officially say it (legal reasons), there’s also a “Fellini menu” in the hotel’s restaurant, a set meal offering a collection of his favorite dishes in one extravagant course. Food writers Tim and Nat of A Cook Not Mad tried it and gave it four enthused thumbs up.

Anyway, the three of us were offered a tour by Cristina Bernagozzi, the hotel’s Communications Manager whom I was in touch with for a potential hotel project. She showed us everything from the guest rooms to the hotel’s beachfront. And when we were done, we enjoyed smooth caffè freddi and biscotti by the hotel’s bar.

Not a bad way to spend a hot Rimini afternoon.

Grand Hotel Rimini - Front façade

Grand Hotel Rimini - Globe in the lobby

Grand Hotel Rimini - Federico Fellini book in lobby

Grand Hotel Rimini - Sala Fellini dining room

Grand Hotel Rimini - Hallway and red carpet

Grand Hotel Rimini - Room 114

Grand Hotel Rimini - Guestroom

Grand Hotel Rimini - Television and curtains in the rooms

Grand Hotel Rimini - Hallway lamp

Grand Hotel Rimini - Fendi furniture by the swimming pool

Grand Hotel Rimini - Beach chairs by the hotel beach bar

Grand Hotel Rimini - Beach bar

Grand Hotel Rimini - Beach chairs and ferris wheel

Grand Hotel Rimini - Caffè Freddo in a Martini glass

Grand Hotel Rimini - Orbs and stone slab for Anacleto Ricci, boy scout

Grand Hotel Rimini - Chairs and table on the front lawn